Pupils play .. in Kaparelli

..and thanks to the Internet… Greek pupils sing our e-story song: Caring, Sharing with Maria Jose!.. she has chosen this with her class..
here the lyrics: This world is a great place to live in/ With friends from all over the Earth/ We all must take care of each other/ And know what each person is worth.
Caring, sharing/ Come join hands together in play…today/Caring, sharing/ We’ll make the world better today!/ So treat every person with kindness/And greet each new friend with a smile/ The world needs our new understanding/ Give kindness a chance for a while…

QUALITY LABEL for Kindergarten Kunterbunt

On Wensday the 18th of June we are traveling to Hannover, capital of our land Niedersachsen, because we are invited for a Presentation of our Traveling-story.
Also we get a QUALITY LABEL!!!! We are very happy and proud, because we are the only pre-school in Germany, to get this label.
I want to thank all of you for the wonderful work, we made together. Natural a special praise to Annakp !!!!!
Also we say: “Many greetings from the best to the best”


Pre-school trip to North Sea

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/APA-u-w0vBw&hl=de" width="465" height="373" wmode="transparent" /]
Every year we make a 4-days-trip to the North Sea Coast with our pre-school-pupils. It´s a kind of farewell-journey for children, who are leaving our Kindergarten.